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Deadlands - Anabelle Fletcher
One of my friends started another campaign for a local group and said I could jump in to help her out. Decided to make a templar who hides as a mechanic.  Don't have much backstory yet.
Deadlands - Sonja and Val
Drew this a few weeks ago, finally got around to scanning it.

A greenie syker had joined our posse and Sonja has become fairly protective of her. The greenie went out to get supplies with Val in Junkyard and he wound up telling her to walk back by herself, where she got lost, jumped, knocked out and left in an alleyway.

This was how Sonja reacted when she found out.

Valyrian Steel has acquired a few extra mutations since the last time I drew him. Don't ask how he puts on the hat.
Deadlands - Cpt. Gertrude Alexis Meritt
Our marshal started a Damocles campaign in Deadlands, so this is my character for that.
Alex is the commanding officer of the group and is also the group's explosives/engineering expert.
She will more than likely explode within the first mission.
I haven't put much work into the character yet, other than her confident sexuality. The private of the squad has the "randy" hindrance, and I wanted her to not only have a legitimate reason to shut him down, but also so she could get more tail than him.
Deadlands - Eva Closeup
Just a drawing of Eva Oneida close up. I had a bit of a drawing muse and didn't know what else to draw.
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I'm just going to do this for some of my Deadlands characters that I actually created backstory for.

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
    2. Tag 8 other Characters.
3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars

Sonja Blake (born September 18, 2057)
  1. She was taken in by the German government at age 11 when she showed signs of having Syker abilities. She was trained into the military to eventually fight in The Faraway War (a war on a distant world to control the rebelling Anouks and their sympathizers).
  2. Her original unit was called the "Azreel's Nightmares." Azreel was one of the god-like figures in the Anouk's beliefs, so they named themselves to be "the nightmares of your gods." They were one of the most brutal units in the worst and sickening of ways and were incredibly proud of it, celebrating with sex, drugs, and rock&roll. Their symbol was a simplistic, dripping skull with two lightning bolts pointing out from the temples.
  3. While the Nightmares were looked down upon by most of the Banshee War Military and were often avoided, they were deadly loyal. Other units that were assigned to complete missions with the Nightmares lost a total of three Sykers in the entire existence of the unit. The Azreel's Nightmares would often put themselves into immediate danger to defend other Sykers. Any Sykers that were killed on their watch (especially their own) were swiftly and brutally avenged, often through excessive mental manipulation and torture.
  4. Her unit was almost completely eradicated in a mission a year and a half into the war. A Skinny (an overpowered Anouk version of a Syker) made one of their Pyrokenitic sykers set off a fiery explosion in the middle of their ranks, killing a large number of them and heavily burning the rest (thus Sonja's full-body scars). The members that were left were either killed or taken prisoner as science experiments.
  5. She went completely mad from being used as a Skinny's science experiment. Even months after being pulled out, she went into bouts of screaming out in pain and spitting treacherous threats at the medical staff who were trying to help her. She often attacked them, believing them to be the cause of death for her brothers and sisters (and therefore, seeking immediate and brutal revenge).
  6. The medical staff pieced her brain back together and she was not nearly the same person she was prior. The boisterous, sleezy personality that was so common in the Azreel's Nightmares was replaced by a sour demeanor, bitter to the worlds. She lost her will to live, but kept her will to die in a meaningful manner, throwing herself in the face of danger to save other Sykers.
  7. The Star Swans, her new, all female unit, kept her out of trouble by placing her in a body guard position while they interrogated Anouks and their followers. They periodically let her interrogate the rebels who were immune to their mental manipulations, but they stopped when they realized they had to clean up more blood than they thought possible every time she was allowed to interrogate. Sonja became incredibly protective to these ladies, softening around the edges when they were around and bristling if any threat came to them.
  8. While she doesn't like to admit it through her blatantly bitchy exterior, she does want to be a good person. She does not agree with the war that she fought in nor the war that happened on Earth while she was away, and wishes to make up for the unneeded deaths she and her brothers created. She looks after people she deems 'good' (or at least people she deems have potential to be good) and she does not tolerate blatant acts of evil. She will do whatever she can to put it down, even if it means risking her own life.
  9. (bonus) Since beginning with the recent posses on Earth, she has acquired bloodshot eyes and veins that are heavily raised from her skin on her head (both signs of: A) heavy mental manipulation of another person [looking like a bad guy] B) Brainburn [getting hurt form her own powers] C) Being a Red addict [a common drug among Sykers]). After 15 years of burn scars, she finally got used to people not wanting to see her face, but now she is suddenly self-conscious about her appearance again and has been avoiding contact with other Sykers around her.

Gabriella "Gabby" Yamada (born April 4, 2085)

  1. She is an 8 year old girl in the post-apocalyptic world. She has no memory of anything before the war, so the wrecked, mangled wastelands are normal to her, leaving her more optimistic than her older companions.
  2. While her physical growth appears to be slightly stunted, she is quite a child-genius, being able to pick up skills much faster than other wasters of her age. She could read by age 5 and was creating junker-tech by age 6, starting with simple toys that kept her company through to the lack of other children for miles around.
  3. Her father was a Junker and more specifically a member of the Chamber (a large council of Junkers that created a school and other references for Junkers in the wastes). Gabby learned her junking skills from him, despite her mother's warnings.
  4. Whenever she creates something from junk-tech that is meant to be used continuously, she gives them a cute outlook and often gives them artificial intelligence to act on their own. She enjoys cute things and likes their company.
  5. Unlike other Junkers that often use tech spirits (the souls of technological items destroyed by the spirit bombs in the war. Unlike nature spirits, they were created by people, and therefore actively try to help people) more as tools, Gabby treats them as friends. Many spirits like her a lot for this, others do not wish to be used by a child in a 'cutesy' way and would rather seek out stronger, more skilled junkers for their creations.
  6. Gabby's parents were killed by Neo-Luddites. Neo-Luddites are anti-technology and believe Junkers are working with the devil to create their tech. They burn Junkers at the stake (literally) and either mark junk-tech users as heretics or kill them if they refuse to stop using the tech. The only thing Gabby managed to get out of the wreck were her father's broken goggles and a small, Tool Browser Spirit that belonged to her father but decided to attach to her after his death (rather than returning to the Hunting Grounds).
  7. Although the Neo-Luddites broke into their home and killed her parents, she survived the attack thanks to a mutant by the name of Samuel. He is a giant (very giant), yeti-like creature that watched the house break-in and followed them in before they could find Gabby.
  8. Sam (dubbed "Sammy" by Gabby) vowed to watch over the small child, and even traveled to Junkyard to get an armored, metal backpack to carry her in safely through the wastes.

Eva Oneida (born October 31, 1839)

  1. Her original name was Elaine, and she was married to a red-headed farmer by the name of Foster Burnell at the age of 17. Being the youngest daughter in a family of seven, she was glad to be finally moving on to create a family of her own.
  2. Her first experience of childbirth was of twin girls, Isabelle and Eva, one of whom did not survive the endeavor. The birth nearly killed Elaine as well. It was determined that Elaine's body could not physically handle childbirth and that it would be unsafe to make any more attempts.
  3. Foster was a good, gentle husband until he found out that he would not be able to create a family. Over time, he became abusive and continued to attempt to create children with Elaine, despite several miscarriages or premature births followed by child deaths.
  4. Elaine finally decided to leave Foster. She determined that her only daughter, Isabelle, was going to grow up without a mother whether she stayed or left.
  5. Elaine found a traveling entertainer by the name of Reeves Oneida. After watching him closely, she determined that he was not just a normal entertainer, but his card tricks had something a little extra behind them. At first he denied it and tried to chase her away, he eventually gave in and told her the truth, allowing her to travel with him and learn his tricks. Elaine changed her name to Eva Oneida (after her late child and taking on Reeves' name to avoid questioning), they traveled for nearly a decade together before Reeves was taken by Pinkertons and never seen again.
  6. Eva was, after several years of traveling by herself, caught by Pinkertons herself and branded as a Hexslinger. She cut the back of her hair off to escape a Pinkerton who had a strong grip on it. While she did escape from the Pinkertons with the help of Texas Rangers, she is indebted to them and must listen to their every word or risk being found out and killed for being a witch.
  7. While her current, actual age is reaching nearly 38 years old, her body is physically 22. She was taught a hex at at 19 that stops aging for a full year and she has been using it to remain young ever since, only failing a few times along the way. While she realizes that morally, it is quite wrong, she still wishes to be able to learn about the world and not be restrained by the physical restraints of aging. She does not stay in a town for any extended period of time to avoid any questions of her lack of aging.
  8. In her most recent endeavors, she had her leg blown off. One of her traveling companions threw an automated wagon at a man with a makeshift flamethrower and it exploded, leaving her without a leg. Her first thought was not, "my leg is gone," but was instead, "I am going to be much easier to catch now." She is getting a metal replacement for it, but is still terrified that she is more easily identifiable.

I would tag other folk, but I don't even know who is on here anymore. Feel free to do this if you so desire.

Short update - I'm still just plugging along (which is better than the alternative). I'm in my last semester of college and I'm very impatient to be done with it. I am looking forward to getting paid to deal with shenanigans rather than pay for it.

I've still been drawing, but my focus has been off. I have several drawings started but I haven't gotten around to sitting down and finishing them. Maybe someday...Oh well.

Later all,



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Hey~! So, you want to help out Squad Z? Great! :D
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Also, weren't you a lieutenant before? 
StaticKling31 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have not specifically talked to Kagome at this point, no.
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troden10 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, since you're experienced & since you've been around for awhile, You'll most likely be a Capitan. Stealth Force & Battle oriented division are taken ^^; So, you have to pick one of the other two~
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StaticKling31 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd be okay with that.
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